Each month Dimensioned Wellness highlights a phenomenal woman taking over the world one heel at a time with a blog feature, titled Millennial  Mogul’s! This month, blogger Kenisha McIntosh, had a candid conversation with Lady Dork,  who is a pretty dope Yogini .

    1. Claim to Fame (your official title(s)): Sánaa, I like being known as my name really. But, I’m also a yogini.
    2. What does a day in the life of look like (overall normal schedule)? If it’s a regular day without travel, I work from home practicing yoga, responding to emails, taking pics for my social media. I really don’t do too much, it’s pretty regular honestly lol. When I’m on tour or traveling, it just depends on the day. That’s when it gets a little busier and hectic.
    3. What helps get your day started? It’s really my mindset of how I view things. I like to keep myself busy. I tell myself that everything that I do will result in something that i want. So knowing that the end result makes my satisfied is what gets me going. For example, if I’m working on my book & I might not feel like writing that day, knowing that me writing will get the book done, motivates me to see it through. Seeing the end result before it actually happens, helps me start anything.
    4. What do you think the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is? To be quite honest the financial part right now. Some months you have money & others you don’t. It’s just focusing and learning how to grind so that you’re not without during those slow months.
    5. Was this your dream career? If not, what was? No, absolutely not. I didn’t have a dream job. I did know that I liked science & math. So I kinda just did that, and I let it take me whenever. I was not the kid that grew up saying “when I get older, I’m gonna be…,” I just know that I’d do what I loved. That’s what I’m doing now. When I was in school, I graduated with my bachelor’s and then my PhD because I enjoyed doing math & science. I didn’t really enjoy being in school that long, but I kept going because I got a great education, got paid to go to school and got my PhD paid for, that’s why I finished. I didn’t know what I’d do with my degree, but I’m happy I got it.
    6. What’s your favorite hobby? Eating food lol. My favorite cuisine is middle eastern because I’m from there. I was born and raised in Kuwait. And I also love Indian food.
    7. What are 3 things that you can’t live without? Food, obviously…lol. Probably my laptop and candy. My favorite candy is Black Forest gummy bears.
    8. What is the biggest tool that helps you stay organized? Wellll, I’m not very organized lol. I just use the notes on my phone and my memory. Honestly, I try to use calendars and books to get organized, but those things don’t work for me. Everyone has to figure out their own thing and do what works for them. So, notes in my phone work the best for me.
    9. Do you have any role models? If so, who & why? My mother, I’ll always say my mother. And it’s because she’s been through a lot in life. And I’ve learned so much from her. Growing up watching her deal with everything that she did, be able to teach me so much and still become what she is today, that’s inspiring.  
    10. What is a fun fact about you that most people don’t know? A lot of people don’t know I’m middle eastern, that I’m from Kuwait. And that my first language is Arabic, I read & write fluently. Another thing is that I’m more of a stay at home & chill type of person. I like to stay at home because when I’m not at home, I can’t focus. When I am home, I get so much done.
    11. What is your favorite book & why? Yamas & Niyamas: The Ethical Practice of Yoga by Deborah Adela. Even if you don’t practice yoga, this book is a life book. It applies to so many other areas of life that it’s a MUST read for anyone.
    12. What do you believe your purpose is in life? I always thought I’ve had a purpose in  life. I remember that when I was 18, I promised myself that regardless of who I meet or talk to, I will positively impact them. Whether it’s through yoga or just conversation, my purpose is to leave a positive impression. Which is probably why I’ve attached to yoga. I feel like I’m able to reach more people all over & it doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from. There is no stereotype to yoga because everyone does it. And I’m able to live out my purpose through what I love doing.
    13. What advice would you give to inspiring yogis & entrepreneurs? Honestly, the best advice I could give is to be yourself. When I first started, I thought I had to do things a certain way; in class, on social media & with yoga. But, when I realized that I needed to be myself, everything became less stressful. 
    14. What’s next for you? Ultimately, I would want to open my own yoga studio and training program. Everything that I do now is marketing my brand to make it easier to transition into that. 
    15. How have you or will you leave your mark on the world? I hope that whatever it is that I do, the mark that I leave, I’ll make people feel good about themselves. So whether it’s yoga or not, I make you feel good about yourselves.
    16. What was one of the first fan experiences you had that was memorable to you? I was in Atlanta and I went to top golf, as I was heading out, this girl runs up and grabs me. Her friend thinks that she’s about to fight me and squares up to fight a friend that I’m with. Mind you, my friend is a guy that’s about 6 ft tall and her friend is nowhere near that lol. So then the girl that grabbed me looks at her friend like “what are you doing?” and the friend is saying “Oh I thought you wanted to fight again.” In my head, I’m saying “again?” lol and the girl tells her friend “no, I just wanted to say hi, it’s Lady Dork.” I thought that was hilarious. Maybe she’ll read this and laugh about it too.


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