As women we are faced with many different task and responsibilities on a daily basis that can challenge our mental, physical and even financial status. By attending a women’s empowerment workshop that is tailored to address various issues modern day women face every day, you will be able to learn skill building techniques, life and goal setting processes and most importantly fellowship with other women such as yourself.

Dimensioned Wellness present’s “Girl Code 101”, a three part series that focus on stress management and goal setting, healthy relationships and financial planning. Each workshop will include an interactive approach to discuss and learn affective approaches for women to improve or increase the joy in their life.

*Fee based on event

Do you want to network with other women? Do you want to learn how to grow your business, deal with break-ups, eat healthy, increase your income, etc? Then join me and other women in WOW class (Women of worth). This bi-weekly class is for the everyday woman, who enjoys learning and exploring the many levels of” womanhood” through fellowship, trainings and group discussions. Each class will have a different topic each week in addition to guest speakers and opportunities to build a strong networking base with positive women alike.


Do you have concerns regarding bullying in your community or your child’s school? Dimensioned Wellness offers a series of different trainings to combat bullying by teaching the basic causes of bullying behaviors and the negative impact on bullies, children and adolescents. This bullying prevention and intervention training is suitable for elementary to middle school students in a group setting.  Students will learn what is considered bullying, how to refrain from bullying behavior and how to respond in a non-violent way. Parents and school administrative staff who participate in this training will learn key strategies to address bullying in addition to how to intervene effectively with students who have been bullied.



Stressed out? Unsure about how to get mentally unstuck? Struggling with self-esteem and self-worth? Life coaching is designed to focus solely on individual’s needs and issues. Life Coach Brittany devotes attention to the client by designing an individual plan that focuses on where you are and getting to where you want to be. Each meeting is an alternative to conventional clinical therapy to improve one’s perception on life. Whether you are a mother of 10 or a single woman, Life Coach Brittany can tailor a package to meet your needs which includes coaching that can take place within the comfort of your own home or via skype.

All interested participants receive a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the process of life coaching in addition to reviewing the type of services needed to “redesign your mind”.

Gold package: 3 months of coaching services

Silver package: 6 weeks of coaching services

Bronze package: Monthly package

 Please contact the office of Dimensioned Wellness for pricing