Testimony Tuesday


Dear Life Coach Brittany

My testimony is a part of my life I am still going thru. I have a twin sister who means the absolute world to me. Wherever I go, she goes, wherever she goes I go. We both went to the same college, applied for the same jobs and even dressed alike most of our adult life. We fight and bicker often like most sisters but in the last couple of years we have begun to share more then what I a comfortable with as an adult. We are both 26 and both love the same man. We both met ‘Our” boyfriend in college and both dated him in an unexclusive relationship. Our only rule with him was that he couldn’t sleep with anyone else besides us. As a young woman, I thought this idea was cute and fun for the first year, but after dating 3 years going on 4, I want more and so does my sister. To make matters worse, they now work together without me. I am completely in love with Glen and I know that my sister is too. We both spoke to him about making a decision between the both of us and he told us to make the decision for him. Three month’s ago I made the decision to leave Glen alone which broke my heart into a million little pieces. I thought that by making this decision this situation would improve for me emotionally but because me and my sister both live in the same house, I have to see them together often. They interact in the house as we all weren’t just in a relationship a few month ago. I made the decision to relocate and enroll in school for my masters to avoid the both of them and to reevaluate my life in general. I have made so many mistakes along the way as a young woman and want to learn to experience life on my own! I take each day one day at a time and look forward to my move in February to DC. I will send in another testimony soon to update you on my progress as a new found woman.


Kiera. B